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“In a cold country, behind the ice-cold white wall.”

Friends, you keep asking me what is going on behind the white wall and how it will all end.

Well, it is easy and hard at the same time. Hard because, after reading this text you will realize how serious the situation is . And easy, because I am sure it will all have good ending for us.

Let’s get started. In order to understand what exactly is going on, we have to understand that before it all started, the World had accumulated some contradictions and disproportions. And the events we are witnessing nowadays are those aimed to amend the situation. These are global geopolitical processes that will not end before 2020, when the misbalance is fixed.

Now, players. There are two global players – Stars Stripes Team and Yellow T-shirts Team, with centuries-long history. We have to understand, that all this mess we are living through is a small part of a big game.

And there is one mysterious, huge and cold country. That thinks it is playing too. But it is not. It is being played. So, when the government of that country started the official part of one island story, it was not a decision taker. It was leaded. That’s why, it is actually wrong to blame one bad man. He is not a nice person, of course, but that is not the question here. He just didn’t have any other choice.

Technically speaking, our story started with an uprising in one beautiful country, with the most beautiful girls on Earth. But the long-brewing processes have been ripening and fermenting for a long time already. All parties getting-ready had been going on for several years. Now everybody is playing: countries, corporations, oligarchs . We are about to witness the re-shaping of military alliances, borders, markets.

This is the top level of two major opposing parties. One level down there is transnational corporations. There are 5 big oil corporations. By its wealth and power each of those is superior to many developed countries.

They are monsters, world policy-makers, world government – call it the way you want. They are THE major players.

What we see today is first and foremost a re-division of energy markets. But not only that, of course. Big, old and fat continent is trying to move , leaning towards strong one. It is trying to get rid of old and rotten dead wood. It suffers, as there is an evident lack of strong will and power.

The stakes are high many hundreds trillion dollars. And the politicians in this game are only

representatives, managers and messengers of big gamers.

So, finally, what is going on behind the wall, in that cold country? Well, its a living hell!

Clans fight with each other to death. For life, for security and, of course, for money. Died oil companies’ presidents, crushed helicopters with managers on board, drowned successful bankers, bankrupted companies, felt apart families…

Oligarchs get arrested in some quiet counties with tasty coffee. Other quiet and reliable countries seize assets of politicians and businessmen. Secret services and financial Intelligence services of all countries searching for damaging information and for money. Oligarchs, owners of blue t-shorts football clubs have to hide etc… There is no morality there, no principles. If you want to understand how it works – read “The Godfather”. It is a free for all among rats.

Everybody allows for all possibilities and possible scenarios, tests the waters for possible allies. Trying to save everything they are able to. What we can see in media, is not even the tip of the iceberg. Those are grits from Sahara. And nobody knows how it will all end.

Boiling point is not reached yet, but it is quite hot already. I think, by spring-summer we will have some visible results.

As for us, we have a very good chance to grow stronger through all those changes. I hope we will not lose this chance. And that is, if our politicians are sensitive enough and are able to think strategically and rather than keep stealing as usual, will start thinking about this really historical chance we are having and how we can use this chance and within 10-20 years make our country successful. It is, however, difficult to identify such superior intelligence among modern politicians.

Still, lets keep cautious optimism. We cannot always be in a bad patch, after all).

PS. any resemblance to any past, present or future situation is purely coincidental

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