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We continue to publish fragments of Oksana Zabuzhko (Оксана Забужко) book on the Muscovy’s aggression of Ukraine

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The first time when I heard that “Ukraine should break up into the Muscovite and the European one” was in Berlin, in the spring of 2007, and I heard that from people who looked far more (and in fact, even cartoonishly so!) like Staatssicherheitsdienst (Stasi, the GDR’s Ministry of state security in 1950-1990) in the Hollywood movie dating back to the Cold War than the fans who came to get the autograph.

A little surprised by the question (my businesslike vis-à-vis were wondering when exactly Ukraine would disintegrate, and they took for granted the fact of its disintegration!), I made a mistake, typical for any “intellectual scum” in the so-called “recruitment at random” – I started explaining, with a glass of wine in one hand and a pen used to sign books in the other, to those two (…) how deeply mistaken they were – to sow, so to speak, the grains of truth in their buttoned-up souls.
My “personal war” began later – May 27, 2008 – and it was informationally quite equal to the awakening under the attack of “Grads”.

On that day, I wrote my blog on the “Ukrainska Pravda” platform (…) I wrote my opinion about the early elections of the mayor of Kyiv (…) – since the 1990s those were probably the first ones in our country that were conducted entirely on Moscow technologies, however, the voters had no idea about that; the fact that “we are being held for cattle” during the madly aggressive (“tank attack on the brains”) campaign was felt by everyone – and the diagnosis I made in my post (it was called “Kyiv’s Disgraced Honor”) to the whole Ukrainian political world in general (…), – was the lack of etatist thinking and disregard for the country and people whose political representative you are formally considered to be – that fact, alone, should be a signal of anxiety: it is already a symptom of a completely “sociopathic” power of the “Moscow type” (a “virus” that craves to “rule the body”).

Actually, I was talking about such a signal. But what I did not know then was that the times of the real, non-fake freedom of speech in Ukraine had already ended because the “virus” had already taken control of the last “freedom zone” – the Ukrainian segment of the Internet…

It was, at that time, a new Moscow’s military technology, unknown not only in Ukraine but also in the West (where its use came to light only during our Euromaidan), – it was the “troll factory”, designed to clear the virtual space from “those disagreeing with the party’s opinions.”

An army of “militias” armed with a keyboard, a staff hand-book and that compulsory moral pathology (some of the Western psychiatrists consider it to be a kind of psychopathy), which allows them to attack strangers with the so-called “hate mail” without feeling any moral discomfort.

They made their “debut” cyberattack under the article “Kyiv’s disgraced Honor”, those who later (when they became too aggressively visible on all leading Ukrainian sites) began to be called “yulebots” – the cyber-hired Tymoshenko’s staff. I will clarify that a cyberattack is not just flooding (in a few hours the “hate comments” filled almost 30 pages, then the administrator cleaned up a bit) – it is a purposefully dispersed flood of “black energy”, a coprolalia session, as in patients with Tourette’s syndrome: with swearing, curses, sexually-sadistic fantasies, glorious torture descriptions stating what and in what order should be done with the author, his ancestors, descendants, etc.; but, unlike “Tourette victims”, the session is completely controlled – it’s the “technologically simulated” madness.

To a mentally healthy (and unprepared!) person such “bombardment” makes the impact that it is equivalent to being locked in a ward with dangerous demons for several hours, and it is this reaction (the psychological shock) that this weapon is meant for – it’s a kind of terror, inseparable from all the terrorist organizations’ activities. And terrorist states as well.

And this discovery shocked me that day much more than the emotional initiation of a “beginner” whose blog suddenly and unexpectedly turned to a virtual camera “obsessed with demons”: I “recognized the method” – and this “method” was invented by no means in BYuT (“Yulia Tymoshenko’s Bloc”): just like that – with this very technique and, most importantly, with these very words (language, language – it always betrays the speaker, show me the text and I will make you a “portrait of the author”!) In 1970-80s KGB terrorized the Ukrainian dissidents in the USSR the same way. The only difference is that at that time anonymous people called the dissidents by phone, and now the Internet appeared. And there was only one terrorist state in the world that continued to live by the same rules and the same psychological canvas (the introduction of “hate speech” into the public discourse and its sewage system pouring at all those who “did not worship the Great Leader”) – already brought itself to power in 2000 and forced the electorate to fall in love with their Chekist Golem…

Thus, on May 27, 2008, I personally saw Evil as the industry of the artificially induced insanity.

I saw that it was the doing of the Kremlin’s FSB (despite the deliberately shown-off Ukrainian language usage by the “Tourette victims”), and that for some reason it “lured” my country into the “affiliated” dictatorship – irritating (as if pressing buttons) those mass emotions of which fascism was born after the First World War in several European societies.

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