Четверг 24 Сентябрь 2020

Февраль 14, 2020

We present research on the introduction of new election technologies in Ukraine

IFES Ukraine

We present research on the introduction of new election technologies in Ukraine: http://bit.ly/2ORafXy

We love to understand the complex topics involved in organizing the electoral process. Introducing electronic and online voting is probably one the most debatable today.

In the era of new technologies, it seems that the electoral process should be similar to buying a new phone in an online store or replenishing an account at an electronic terminal. However, in reality, online operations that are familiar to us require far less resources than organizing a secure electoral process.

At the request of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, IFES experts from Ireland, France and Ukraine conducted an in-depth Feasibility study on introducing new electoral technologies. In addition to studying international experience, they have also interviewed parties interested in introducing election technology.

At the heart of the study is an approach that addresses the issue of election administration. Thus, the central question is not “how to introduce Internet voting”, but “what are the main problems of the election process in Ukraine and how technologies can contribute to their solution”.

As a result of the study, experts recommend the following:

- the Central Election Commission (CEC) should focus its short-term efforts toward addressing long-recognized deficiencies in electoral processes, such as the management of results at all levels, the streamlining of voter list change of address procedures, and the professionalization of staff in the field.
- a research and development initiative, led by the CEC, should be launched. This initiative should seek to determine what models of electronic and Internet voting are appropriate for Ukraine, should commence as soon as possible.
- finally, new voting technologies should be tested between 18 and 24 months prior to any election. Piloting in small scale elections could follow. Based on findings of this pilot, Ukrainians can then make an informed decision about whether to offer limited electronic or Internet voting options for Presidential and Verkhovna Rada elections in 2024.

We thank the CEC for its active participation in the process of creating the document.

Full Study: http://bit.ly/3bEYRb0

This research was made possible with support by USAID Ukraine - USAID Україна, Global Affairs Canada (Embassy of Canada in Ukraine) and UK aid (British Embassy Kyiv).

Used image: Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Світлина від IFES Ukraine.

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