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A couple of words about World Government. Just because I promised to speak about it.

map-695195_1280What is World Government and does it exist for real? The question is both simple and complicated. Or, rather the answer to it is. Similar to what we think about existence of God. I am not saying here that World Government is the God (however that statement would not be that far from reality). What I mean is that our perception of World Government is similar to the one we have about God’s existence. Question of believe. There are those who believe and those who dont. That’s life. As God, WG is amorphous and conditional and if you believe in its existence you have your own idea on its appearance. Some imagine God as an old man with long grey beard, who watches us from the sky. Some see it as energy cluster, some higher justice and rational world order and so on…

The same goes for WG. Technically speaking it doesn’t exist, doesn’t have permanent members and doesn’t hold official meetings/gatherings (up to you). However, no doubt there is a group of people that influences destinies of countries, nations and governments. These group of people choses the direction for the civilization to go. This Government consists of people who, of course, talk to each other, exchange thoughts, coordinate positions, argue, form coalitions, quarrel and reconcile etc… As any government of any country.

And this is only logical, as there is Globalization. Boundaries keep blurring. Not only between countries, but , and what is the more important, between different capitals (capital assets) или and what is more important, financial integration is in effect на твоё усмотрение. Remember Al Capone established mafia’s board of directors? It is the process of the same nature. Decisions are taken by a group of people able to influence further development of the events.

World Government has its representatives in every country, its lobbyists. They are politicians and businessmen. And it is logical too. If any criminal transnational group can have its politicians in different countries, WG all the more so. But unlike criminal group, WG doesn’t need to have paid lobbyists. It appoints politicians instead. Not only in small countries, but everywhere. Even in the US. United States presidential elections are organized in the best democratic traditions. Still you have to choose one of two people. And who are those two? I think you understand that the Big People can find the ways to bring to the “finals” two predictable for them politicians.

Here we come to the question: who are they? No news here neither: Rothschilds, Morgans, Duponts, Rockefellers and Oppenheimers. Not literally, of course, as each clan consists of many names. Some can say that these or those don’t even exist anymore. I can answer to this: if at some moment, somewhere there was unreal big money, they can’t disappear. Money isn’t volatilizable, you know. They flow from one place to another. Right?

Transnational corporations belong to THEM. Oil, first of all – Exxon, BP GlobalShell, Chevron, Saudi Aramco (part или partially) and so on… Military–industrial complex Lockheed Martin

Corporation, Boeing. Finances – JPMorgan Chase, City, GoldmanSachs etcMedia (Merdoch and other) and some smaller ones)). You ask me: if they are so wealthy why aren’t they listed in Forbs? Because Forbs belongs to them))

They study in certain Universities. It is almost impossible to be admitted to these Universities if you are not one of them. The only exceptions are Sheikhs’ children – but there is a purpose to it. Their children go to those Universities, then their grandchildren. They make friends there; take the measure of future politicians. It doesn’t matter if they formally become Members of Lodge or not. Lodge is a beautiful mysterious and romantic mist. What is important is that they create life-time relationships. They keep in touch, they meet on the occasions, discuss things. Who will be next president of the US, what is to be done with oil prices or with one prom trotter, who got out of hand and decided that he can be the boss himself)

We only know George Soros, as a public person. And we know him not because he accidentally blew his cover, but because he was appointed to be a representative, a spokesman. It is very good that he is not indifferent to the faith of Ukraine, while our county goes through such a difficult time.

What conclusion we can pull out of what is said above? That money rules the world. It is a bit sad. But the good news is that this law doesn’t contradict with another one – ‘’Good triumphs over evil’’. In a long run. The law of Karma and other laws, they all work. This is the wisdom and the beauty of the Universe. In the world ruled by Taurus you can (and you have to) be a good person.

And you will not be nailed for that)

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