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Holy Thursday is a day of “purification”

4-2And this isn’t any pathos. This year’s Holy Thursday will be marked in the history of modern Ukraine.

The parliament has adopted 4 bills. Those bills will rend Ukraine away from the Empire and soviet past. This is something I have been writing about for the last week.
This is what had been done by other East European counties and Baltic States. Without that we would not be able to move forward. This is an anchor and a millstone around Ukraine’s neck,
It is similar to relationships: you cannot start new relationship before you let the other one go; before you forgive, before you ask for forgiveness, before you confess.
Ukraine does start new relationships, as the Showcase project (started on March 11th) is a new country that will be based on new/different values. Universal values: freedom, human rights, dignity and respect.
Projects like this start in one’s head, by adopting new mentality. While the souls of tortured and killed by NKVD and KGB people are “unappeased”, we would not be able to create anything new.
What the new bills are about?
– the country’s archive of Soviet-era KGB files are to be opened up to the public, which could reveal crimes conducted by KGB;
– de-communization of state establishments
– Ukraine marks May 8 as the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation for those who lost their lives during World War II, fighting the Nazism.
– ban both Nazi and Soviet imagery. The Nazi and Soviet regimes are condemned as criminal regimes that conducted policies of state terror
– recognition of all the fighters and organizations that fought for the independence of Ukraine in the XX century
– acknowledgment of the fact of aggression committed by Soviet Russia against Ukraine.
– instauration of Independence of Ukraine, a successor of Ukrainian National Republic state declared in 1918.

My greetings to everyone!
“Because we deserve it!”

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