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Why the Empire is a goner?

Who are Russians and do they exist for real?

There are more than hundred nations residing on the territory of Russian Federation. But who are those “Russians“, populating that country I am really not sure. Kievan Rus territory was more or less on the present Ukraine land.

As Russian inhabitants, we have Moskovites, Novgorodians, Viatichi descendants, South Nations of Kuban and Don (there is a lot of similarities between them and the Ukrainians), Siberian nations ( a completely different ethnic group), nations of Caucasian region, Tatars, Bashkirs, Buryats etc… All of them are Russian Federation citizens. Is this why they are considered Russians?

There are “Americans”, “Canadians”, for example. Many different ethnic groups live in the USA and Canada and they hold Canadian or American passports. But here is what is really important: for them to be willing to consider themselves Americans or Canadians, they have to be proud of their country. They have to see that their government cares about the citizens. They have to feel and see that the life of every individual counts. Governments of USA and Canada will protect and will fight for every citizen. Every single one! Otherwise what would be the reason for this or that state to even exist? Without such unity of all citizens and their Government there is no Nation.

Every American or Canadian citizen that had fallen in battle is buried with all due honours, with a National Flag dressing the coffin. Relatives of killed on duty soldiers receive financial compensation. And so on.

In Russia, the Government sends its citizens on a foreign land, but refuse to acknowledge that fact. Even more so, it earths killed soldiers in the unmarked graves. Relatives are not allowed to cherish the memory of their fallen beloved. There are neither honours nor compensations.

Do you think all these people will feel as one Nation? Do you think they will not run away in different directions once there is a chance?

Well, I think the answer to that is obvious.

As for Ukraine, it is populated with different ethnic groups, but our Nation is being created and shaped here and now. Our National identity is getting stronger: we have to break away from the Empire, from that hell called “Russian World”. We have to join European Civilized family.

That is why Ukrainians, as Americans and Canadians feel that they are Citizens of their country.

In a couple of years we will be real proud of our Ukrainian Passport, the same way Croatian or Israeli passport holders feel proud nowadays, for example.

It is because we are great! And we deserve it! (Don’t we? – up to you)

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