Украина НАТО

NATO-Ukraine Professional Development Programme

NATO-Ukraine Professional Development Programme почувається щасливо разом із Martha Spodaryk та 3 others у Creative Quarter.
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YOUNG UA Alumni Reunion 2018 welcomed its participants on a cosy Thursday evening, November 8th! Our alumni community keeps growing repidly! Participants from the 3 years of YOUNG UA had a chance to meet up and share the positive changes in their both professional and personal lives happening after the project. We thank the Head of NRU, Alexander Vinnikov and the PDP Manager Ove Urup-Madsen for making this event special having lively discussions with the young leaders! Thanks to everyone for finding time and coming to see each other! Together we are stronger! More is yet to come! ♥#YOUNGUA #NATOUkraine NATO in Ukraine
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YOUNG UA Summer Academy 2018

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