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NATO in Ukraine

NATO in Ukraine

NATO’s Building Integrity programme is pleased to continue its support for the 4th edition of the International Anti-Corruption Week at the National Defence University of Ukraine, working together with Norway and the United Kingdom.

In his opening speech on 26 November, Head of NRU Alexander Vinnikov said: “As recognised by Allies at the 2016 Warsaw NATO Summit, corruption is a challenge to peace and security. It is a hybrid threat which undermines the efficiency and effectiveness of any administration and all operations. It affects trust and confidence of staff – civilian and military – in the management, senior leadership and government. Getting out of this vicious circle requires a profound change, a new culture, a change of mindset.”

Working with numerous Allied and partner countries engaged in specific good governance reforms within the security and defence sector, NATO understands the challenge and necessity of mainstreaming the BI principles of integrity, transparency, and accountability. Particularly when this needs to be done simultaneously with the conduct of operations and going through the process of transition.

“Since 2014, NATO BI has been providing tailored assistance to Ukraine’s security and defence institutions including their respective academies, as well as working with anti-corruption actors such as NABU, NAPC and representatives of civil society to further assist Ukraine in addressing good governance reforms. Educating and training personnel contributes to raising awareness and promoting dialogue on what corruption is and how to handle this scourge,” Vinnikov concluded.

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv
British Embassy, Kyiv
National Defence Academy of Ukraine / National Defence University

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